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  Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
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Harry Wilson
Essex Place, Suite 207
Fort Smith, AR 72903
(479) 452-7131

Purpose/Eligibility: Arkansas Rehabilitation Services provides services to work aged residents of Arkansas who have physical or mental vocational handicaps, that keep them from entering into, or returning to, employment and who are interested in going to work.

Our services are based on informed choice. We will provide the necessary diagnostic information and counseling to the client in order for them to make a wise vocational choice in line with their needs and abilities.

Our first priority is putting people to work.
Next are on-the-job training programs, followed by Vo-tech and college training services.

1. Diagnosis and Evaluation (potential for entering employment and for determining eligibility)
· Specialist Evaluation
· RIDAC Evaluation (Psychological & Vocational Evaluation)
· Counselor's evaluation of past experiences (educational and work)
· HSRC Evalulation

2. Counseling and guidance toward completion of the program and entry into employment.

3. Physical restoration to remove or reduce the disability in order for the client to enter or return to employment.

4. Training
· OJT-we provide work incentives for employers to hire and train our clients. (WOTC, Pay part of the salary for a time)
· Vo-Tech Training
· College Training
· HSRC vocational training-GCCC



We generally provide "paid for" services in accordance with the financial needs of the client. Financial eligibility is $2400/month for the client. We add $400 for each additional person living in the household.

5. Job placement and follow-up services.

Under our financial constraints, we can provide almost anything required to place a client into full time competitive employment. All programs are tailored to specific needs of the client.

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