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Purpose/Eligibility: Experience Works, Inc. is a national, nonprofit, community based organization whose mission is to put the experience of older individuals to work strengthening our communities and businesses. It is the nation's leading provider of training, employment and community service for older people. Experience Works, Inc. is the only national organization focused on the needs of older workers.

Participants must be 55 years of age or older and meet 124% Federal Poverty Guidelines. Participants may work 20 hours per week at the minimum wage when placed in non-profit host agency, as slots are available. They may also be placed in unsubsidized jobs at various hours and salaries.


Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Experience Works, Inc. is the founder and largest operator of the SCSEP. Often in conjunction with the SCSEP, Experience Works, Inc. operates older-worker training projects across the country. These projects involve occupational skills, classroom, or on-the-job training.

Got/IT! Got/IT! Information technology training program, in partnership with Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Labor teaches new skills so that participants may become more employable at higher wages



Geezer.com This e-commerce web site creates a community on the Internet that provides older individuals with a worldwide market for their unique handcrafted goods.

Prime Time Awards Search for America's oldest worker will begin in April leading up to Prime Time Awards in the fall.

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