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Arkansas Tech University
Ozark Campus
Contact Info
Dr. Jo Blonden
Highway 23 North
Ozark, AR 72949
(479) 667-2117

Purpose/Eligibility: Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is open to all persons, age 17 and over. A high school transcript or Certificate of Equivalency of High School Graduation and other institutional transcripts are required for some courses. Enrollment will not be complete until the school has reviewed the following:

1. Application for admission
2. Transcripts of high school credit or GED test results
3. Results of the COMPASS Test Battery or ACT composite
score of 13
4. First semester tuition or $25 deposit toward tuition (nonrefundable).
5. Immunization Records

Persons who apply for admission to Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus must demonstrate the academic ability to satisfactorily progress in the training program for which they are applying. Persons who fail to meet these standards will be offered refresher courses in the indicated areas either by completing the refresher course prior to enrollment or with prior approval complete the course concurrent with the first semester enrollment.

Additional information required for Cosmetology is as follows:
Birth certificate (if under 18 years of age)
2. $10 money order (cost of training permit from State Board
of Cosmetology)
3. Proof of completion of the tenth (10th) grade.

Additional information required for Health Occupations Departments is as follows:
1. High School graduate or certificate of Equivalent of High School graduate.
2. Complete physical with updated immunization record.
3. Interview


Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus reserves the right to cancel a class
if enrollment is inadequate to begin a class. Eight (8) students is a minimum number for a class to begin. A copy of the course outline; course objectives; the school's attendance, conduct, disciplinary, and progress policies; schedule of tuition, fees and other charges; and grievance procedures will be given to each student on the first day of attendance.

Summary of Services & Eligibility/Graduation Requirements: In order to receive a diploma from Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus, a student must have a high school diploma or a GED. Students who complete a program of study as prescribed by Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus will receive a Diploma/Certificate. Prospective graduates must clear all charges against their account before transcripts will be released. Graduates shall
contact the Coordinator of Student Services to determine if an account is due.

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